About Me

I’ve always loved making people laugh.

After studying performance in both my homeland of Canada and the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, it became infinitely clear that while I had a love for performance, I was actually more in love with the words.

This passion led me to writing stand-up, sketch shows, news satire, and far too many silly tweets.

Naturally, writing funny stuff helped me take my first steps into the exciting world of copywriting!

The transition was pretty painlessa lot of startups and companies crave a funnier and more laid back tone. Content that gives a company some real personality.

And with my background in being professionally goofy, I find myself all too happy to help!

Before tickling any funny bones I first had to prove I knew how to do professional, clean, and SEO-friendly copy. So that’s what I did: brochures for HVAC, site content for ERP services, 3D printers and more.

I wrote and edited for LEADx.org, a professional development and e-learning business. I created scripts for courses, social media content, daily newsletters, and ghost wrote for Forbes, Huffington Post, and Inc.com.

Recently I’ve ventured into the domain of content strategy for startup Class Action, Inc. I am slowly building a portfolio of work thatyou guessed it!will feature a slant towards creating a cohesive and fun personality.

Feel free to reach out if and you’re looking for fun and snappy content (or a bit of strategy!) for your site or business.